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  • Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature

Dissolved Oxygen And Temperature

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Hanna Instruments merupakan produk yang dapat menjaga kualitas air sesuai dengan yang anda butuhkan.
Jika anda membutuhkan pH, EC/TDS, Chlorine, Turbidity dan lain - lain kami akan berikan rekomendasi alat yang cocok kepada anda.
Kami memberikan garansi untuk setiap alat yang kami tawarkan dan layanan purna jual.
Silahkan hubungi kami sekarang.

Detail Dissolved Oxygen And Temperature

Accurate, Repeatable Measurements

The HI2400 is a dissolved oxygen benchtop meter with 

automatic calibration and % or mg/L (ppm) measurement 

range. The measurement is automatically compensated 

for altitude and salinity based on the user settings for 

altitude up to 4000 m and salinity up to 40 g/L.

Measurements are automatically temperature compensated by 

using the polarographic DO probe with built-in temperature sensor. 

This probe features screw cap membranes for easy replacement.

Calibration is performed at one or two points at 0% using Hanna’s  

HI7040 solution or 100% in air.

Data Logging

With a built-in logging function, measurements are stored in non-

volatile memory, and can be transferred to a PC through the USB 

port using the optional HI92000 software and  HI920013 USB cable. 

The software is provided with an exclusive online guide of all the 

commands available and allows data printing, plotting and exporting. 

The 8000 record logging interval allows the possibility of process 

and experimental monitoring of DO. The logging interval is automatic 

with user-selectable intervals from 5 seconds to 180 minutes.

GLP Capabilities

The HI2400 also provides users with GLP (Good Laboratory 

Practice) capabilities. GLP is a set of functions that allow the 

storage and retrieval of data regarding calibration. The GLP 

feature provides data consistency and a calibration reminder 

which can be set to alert the user that too much time has elapsed 

since the last calibration and a new one should be performed.

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