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Conductivity Meter /TDS HI98301 HI98302 HI98303 HI98304

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01 / 12 / 2019
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PT. Hanna Instruments Indotama telah berdiri sejak 1996 dan sejauh ini telah menjadi agen tunggal produk Hanna Instruments.
Produk Hanna Instruments telah digunakan sebagai alat ukur diberbagai Industri di dunia. Untuk Indonesia, Hanna Instruments telah digunakan diberbagai Instansi pemerintah dan swasta serta berbagai Industri.

Detail Conductivity Meter /TDS HI98301 HI98302 HI98303 HI98304

The DiST® family are rugged and reliable 

pocket-sized testers that o+er quick and 

accurate readings of conductivity or TDS.

The DiST® family of testers is widely used 

for monitoring EC/TDS in drinking water, 

water conditioning, reverse osmosis, 

cooling towers, wastewater, laboratories, 

agriculture, aquaculture and aquariums, 

hydroponics and the printing industry.

These testers  feature an amperometric 

graphite electrode that provides improved 

repeatability in measurements, since they do 

not oxidize. An amperometric measurement 

of EC/TDS is based on Ohm’s Law, I = V/R, 

where R depends on the distance between 

two pins and their surface. Oxidation changes 

both the distance and surface, which will 

directly a+ect accuracy. DiST® non-oxidizing 

graphite pins are able to provide an optimal 

surface for accurate, dependable results. 

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