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TDS/Conductivity Meter Analog HI8033

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08 / 06 / 2023
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Rp. 9.000.000
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Detail TDS/Conductivity Meter Analog HI8033

The HI8033 is a durable, portable EC/TDS meter designed for use in a wide variety of applications. It is supplied with a four-ring conductivity probe to allow for three ranges of EC measurement and one range of TDS measurement. The temperature compensation coefficient (β) is fixed at 2%/°C and all conductivity readings are manually adjusted for temperature, assuring users of consistent and accurate measurements.
  • Four-ring probe
  • Three measuring ranges
  • Manual Temperature Compensation


The portable HI8033 EC/TDS meter is suitable for use in a variety of applications. It offers three EC measurement ranges from 0.0 µS/cm to 19.99 mS/cm and a TDS measurement range from 0 to 19990 mg/L (ppm) with a ±1% FS accuracy. The HI76301W four-ring conductivity probe that is supplied with the meter allows for a wide range of measurements with a single sensor. The four-ring technology also eliminates the polarization effect that is common with standard two pole versions. The HI8033 offers manual temperature compensation from 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) and a fixed β at 2%/°C.

Features at-a-glance

Four-ring Probe - The HI76301W four-ring probe that comes with the HI8033 offers a versatile and accurate solution for conductivity readings. Four-ring technology allows for a larger range of measurement within a single probe, whereas two probe technology is somewhat limited in the range in which it can measure. The probe comes with a protective PVC sleeve that assures durability when taking measurements outdoors.

Three Measurement Ranges - HI8033 offers three conductivity measurement ranges and one TDS measurement range. Each range can be selected by a dial on the face of the meter, allowing users to easily switch between ranges when necessary. The meter is programmed to let the user know when their current reading is out of range, and a new range should then be selected.

Manual Temperature Compensation - Since temperature has such a dramatic effect on conductivity readings, having a meter that offers temperature compensated readings is invaluable. The HI8033 allows users to adjust the temperature of the measurement solution through a knob on the face of the meter. The adjustment accounts for the effects of temperature on a sample’s conductivity reading in the range of 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).

Fixed Temperature Coefficient - As the temperature of a solution increases or decreases, the conductance becomes higher or lower, respectively. The temperature compensation coefficient, also known as β, is the factor that adjusts for the temperature of a solution to ensure an accurate reading is achieved. The HI8033 is programmed with a fixed β at 2%/°C; this factor corrects the conductivity reading by 2% for each degree Celsius change in the sample.

One-point Calibration - The HI8033 can be calibrated at one point in a standard conductivity solution. The calibration knob located on the face of the meter is easily adjusted to the correct calibration standard.

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