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  • Turbidity Meter with Fast Tracker™ Technology, ISO

Turbidity Meter With Fast Tracker™ Technology, ISO

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Hanna Instruments merupakan produk yang dapat menjaga kualitas air sesuai dengan yang anda butuhkan.
Jika anda membutuhkan pH, EC/TDS, Chlorine, Turbidity dan lain - lain kami akan berikan rekomendasi alat yang cocok kepada anda.
Kami memberikan garansi untuk setiap alat yang kami tawarkan dan layanan purna jual.
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Detail Turbidity Meter With Fast Tracker™ Technology, ISO

The HI98713 Precision ISO Turbidity 

Portable Meter is specially designed 

for water quality measurements, 

providing reliable and accurate readings, 

even within low turbidity ranges.

•  Ratio Measurement Mode

·  The HI98713 measures turbidity 

using the ratio method with a 90° 

and 180° light detector for accurate 


•  Multiple reading modes

·  Normal, continuous,or signal averaging 

measurement reading modes available.

•  ISO Compliant

·  The HI98713 meets and exceeds the 

requirements of ISO 7027 method for 

turbidity measurements by use of an 

infrared LED light source.

•  Calibration 

·  The HI98713 has a powerful calibration 

function that compensates for 

variation in light intensity. A two, three, 

or four-point turbidity calibration can 

be performed by using the supplied 

(<0.1, 15, 100 and 750 FNU) standards. 

Calibration points can be modified if 

user-prepared standards are used. 

•  AMCO AEPA-1 Primary Turbidity Standard 

·  The AMCO AEPA-1 supplied standards 

are recognized as a primary standard by 

the USEPA. These non-toxic standards 

are made of styrene divinylbenzene 

polymer spheres that are uniform in size 

and density. The standards are reusable 

and stable with a long shelf life. 

•  GLP Data

·   The HI98713 features complete GLP 

(Good Laboratory Practice) functions 

that allow traceability of the calibration 

conditions. Data includes calibration 

points, date, and time.

•  Data Logging 

·  Up to 200 measurements can be stored 

in the internal memory and recalled at 

any time.

•  Data Transfer 

·  For further storage or analysis options, 

logged data can be downloaded to a 

Windows® compatible PC using the 

USB or RS232 port and the HI92000 


•  Backlit Graphic LCD Display 

·  A graphic LCD display provides an easy 

to understand, user-friendly interface. 

All messages are in plain text making 

them easy to read.

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