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Mini Titrator PT. Hanna Instruments Indotama Terlengkap

easy to use, fast and affordable, method specific titrator designed for testing titratable acidity levels in water. Based on an acid-base titration method, this mini titrator uses an optimized pre-programmed method of analysis with a powerful algorithm that determines the completion of the titration reaction potentiometrically with a glass body pH electrode.
The HI84530 incorporates a precision piston style dosing pump that adjusts the volume of dosing dynamically based on the voltage change. This type of dosing system reduces the amount of time required for the titration while providing for a highly accurate determination of the amount of titrant used.
This mini titrator is supplied complete with all the materials necessary to perform low and high range measurements of acidity in water. All chemicals are premixed and prepackaged including standardized titrants, reagents and pump calibration solution. There is no need for volumetric glassware or analytical balances.

Piston driven pump for accurate dynamic dosing
Pre-standardized titrant and pre-measured reagents
Benchtop use as a pH/mV meter

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