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Thermo-Hygrometer PT. Hanna Instruments Indotama Terlengkap

with Dew Point and Calibration
Data-Logging Probe
• Simultaneous RH and temperature
measurements on a large, dual-line LCD display
• Selectable temperature unit (°C or °F)
• HI706023 dedicated temperature and
RH probe with electronic sensor
• Quick connect probe
• Battery life indication and
low battery detection
• Stability indicator
• Auto-off function
• Waterproof casing IP67
• MIN, MAX value and HOLD indicator
• Stability indicator
HI9564, HI9565 and HI95654 are portable
thermo-hygrometers designed to measure
temperature and Relative Humidity (RH). HI9565
and HI95654 present the added advantage of
being able to calculate the dew point from the
temperature and RH.
To ensure maximum protection against the
effects of humidity and condensation, the
instruments are housed in a rugged, waterresistant
The temperature and RH probe is a “smart probe”
which consists of a factory calibrated electronic
sensor which requires no user calibration. Our
“smart probes” will work with any of our meters
without the need to recalibrate as the electronic
sensor tracks the performance and stores the
calibration history directly onto the probe

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